“grace of the dancer strength of the warrior beauty of the sway“

Resistance Bands


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WORKOUT ANYWHERE IN STYLE: Armorina Resistance bands designed in 4 beautiful colors in 4 resistance level, perfect for beginners and pros, you can work your way up to different levels. You can also combine multiple bands for extra resistance. Easy to carry around, workout at home, in the gym, on the beach, or travel.

  • 100% natural latex and eco-friendly, durable and strong. stretch further and last longer. You get the same resistance after many exercises.
  • INCLUDING: 4 resistance bands with a carrying bag
  • 500*50.8*0.5mm Light (10-15LB)
  • 500*50.8*0.7mm Medium (20-35LB)
  • 500*50.8*0.9mm Heavy (30-45LB)
  • 500*50.8*1.1mm X-Heavy (40-60LB)
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